Brewing Great Coffee at Home

Brewing Great Coffee at Home

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There are a couple of basics to keep in mind:

  • The recommended ratio of coffee to water is 2 tablespoons to 6 oz. of water (though if you like it a little stronger or weaker, you can adjust the amount accordingly).

  • An all too important and overlooked element of making the perfect cup is the temperature of the water. Optimal temperature for coffee and espresso is 195-205 degrees. This temperature extracts the aroma and flavors we all love, while leaving the acidity behind. Quality water is key!

  • When steeping coffee, allow 4-5 minutes for the best tasting cup.

  • Be sure to use the right type of grind for the method you are using, and always opt for grinding your own beans for the best result. Coffee grinders are an integral investment in getting that ultimate cup of joe. We will make suggestions on grinders in future posts.



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