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My love of coffee began in college by drinking what was probably the worst coffee ever produced, but it allowed me to stay awake for those long hours of study. When I began my career as a Sales Manager I looked forward to starting my day at a local coffee shop to pick up a high-quality cup of coffee and the opportunity to say hello to some great friends. As my job took me to different cities in the Midwest, I searched for the best coffee shops and the best coffee in the area.

In 2008 I attended the Ambex coffee roasting school in Clearwater, Florida and through this week-long course of learning the coffee industry from plantation to cup, I developed a passion for producing the finest cup of coffee, and put my skills to use with some home roasting and through the use of a friend's commercial roaster. Like many Americans, I lost my job in 2009 due to corporate cutbacks during a very weak economy. Instead of turning back to the corporate world, I started my own business.

Our focus is on producing fresh roasted coffee and to help customers brew the best coffee for maximum enjoyment. For those who like to know, we roast on an Ambex YM-10 - 22-pound batch size roaster and promptly package the coffee in high quality lined bags with one-way degassing valves. You can contact us if you have questions about our process, wholesale business, volume discounts, fundraisers, or for custom blending.

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"I just made the best latte with a double shot of Bardstown beans! I did sneak a taste before adding the froth... smooth - just right flavor, not sour and not too acidic/bitter. Thanks!"


I love Toccoa Coffee! Great flavor, a variety to choose from and affordable. Plus, it’s a local small business!

Deanna S

I cannot recommend Toccoa Coffee enough! My friend Jeff has an incredible natural process for roasting coffee beans from all over the world locally.