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Casey's Own Coffee

~The Burning Truth ~

Casey visited my roastery in 2019 and he sampled some coffees I had prepared. We discussed some of his favorite coffees from around the world and it was obvious to me that Casey enjoys a darker roasted coffee, but not one that has been roasted into the void of darkness.

We met again in 2020 and I presented five different options for us to taste. It was a highly caffeinated session, to say the least. In the end, Casey’s Burning Brew was created and I believe it’s going to be a coffee you all will love. You will first notice the taste of dark chocolate and at the finish, you will taste the hint of blueberries.

If you would like to make Casey’s Burning Brew a part of your daily routine, at home or at your office, you can purchase as you need it, or buy on a monthly coffee subscription. Either way, I hope you enjoy what Casey and I have created!

Toccoa Coffee Owner