Hunter's Blend Pods

Hunter's Blend Pods

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Hunter's Blend Pods
Toccoa Coffee
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Toccoa Coffee Granger Indiana Fresh Roasted Hunter's BlendHunter's Blend Single Serve Pods - 12 Pcs


Do you drink coffee from the “green mermaid” because there is one on every corner? If so, you’ve probably gotten used to drinking dark roasted coffee with a lot of bitterness and a charred aftertaste. If this is you, make the switch to our Hunter's Blend.

Hunter's Blend is a bold, full-bodied, dark roast coffee with earthiness, dark chocolate flavor and a slight hint of sweet fruit. The finish is like the slow fade of a chocolate bar. You will love this coffee!

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Coffee Details
Type Regular
Roast Dark
Intensity 4
Body 5
Acidity 3
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