Our Team - Meet Julie

Meet the Toccoa Coffee Team - Julie

Julie has been with Toccoa Coffee for 8 years and she has done nearly every job in the company, including coffee roasting. When there is something that needs to be done, Julie is the one who wants to be in the middle of making it happen.

She is our Special Projects Manager, our Food Safety Manager, and a Barista with me in our Expresso Catering business, but those are just titles. She has been a motivating force behind all we do, a cheerleader when we are on the right path, and a butt-kicker when things are off track. Julie has helped me develop the company culture at Toccoa Coffee. One where real relationships matter, not only within the company but also outside the company. A culture of kindness and partnerships. I'm proud of what we have created!

We have been friends since the second or third time we met. This means she didn't think she was going to like me the first time we met. Go figure!  I have described her in the following way, and I will stand by it and just add that her friendship and loyalty are important in my life.  

Julie is a friend like no other, she is caring, she is a lover of animals and nature, she is the Meaningful Vegan, and one badass belly dancing, Bigfoot believing, Barista!

  • Favorite coffee drink - Iced Bardstown Americano
  • Dream car - Datsun 280Z (fully restored)
  • Favorite musician - Alice Cooper
  • Favorite beer - A sour
  • Super Talents - Drawing, Stain glass, Belly Dancing, Office Admin, Specialty Coffee Drinks
  • Passions - Nature and animals

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