Faema Due Rebuild

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FAEMA Due Espresso Machine Rebuild

June 17, 2019

I'm refurbishing a 2 group espresso machine. This is a machine that was used in a small cafe for over a decade, and it saw light-use but the water supply was not softened and this machine has a tremendous amount of scale. The machine will need to be completely disassembled, the boiler and tubing will be acid dipped to descale, the group heads and steam valves will be rebuilt, and the frame will be sanded and either repainted or powder coated. I'm considering some upgrades as well. How does the addition of wooden side panels and LED lighting sound?  Stay tuned! - Jeff 

faema due refurbish  faema due rebuild side   faema due rebuild back

June 21, 2019

Here are some internal pictures. I'll need to acid dip all the brass and copper parts to remove the scale and kill anything nasty that has been growing internally. 

   faema due rebuild

Faema Due   Faema Due Pressure Relief


June 26, 2019

More breakdown pictures. Every piece will be removed and either acid dipped and polished, or sanded and painted. I'm working on a design for some wooden side panels, but I'm unsure of what to do for the curved front panel. Any ideas? Comment below.

Faema Due Rebuild  Faema Electronics Rebuild

Faema Due Boiler Removed  Faema Due Motor

Faema Due Rebuild Frame  Faema Due Rebuild

Faema Due Group Head