Summer Deals - (3) 16 oz Pack

  • Summer Deals - (3) 16 oz Pack

Summer Deals - (3) 16 oz Pack

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Summer Deals - 3 x 16 oz Pack
Toccoa Coffee
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Summer Deals - (3) 16-ounce bags - FREE SHIPPING

This is a limited time only offering and you can take advantage of some of our premium coffees at reduced pricing, along with free shipping.  New Zip-Lock bags - keep your coffee fresh. You can choose from the following coffees:

Hunter's Blend - Dark Roast Blend

Casey's Burning Brew - Medium Roast Blend

Haitian Blue - Light Roast

Ethiopian Harrar - Light/Medium Roast

Kenya Kathunguri Farm - Medium Roast (Sold out)

Brazil Daterra Full Bloom - Medium Roast

Sumatra Tiger - Dark Roast

Twilight Decaf - Medium/Dark Roast

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Dumerso - Light/Medium Roast


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