We Opened a Coffee Cafe

The day has finally come! We are opening our first coffee café in Granger on Friday, March 10th. Come join us tomorrow in our mission to serve excellent coffee and espresso drinks, and also to aid in the development and support of individuals in our community with disabilities.
So far we have hired five individuals with varying levels of disabilities, who will work in our cafe, and soon they will be able to prepare coffee and espresso drinks. We have partnered with Corvilla, Inc., where many of you know our Son Kyle, who has autism, receives services. We are sharing space with them in their Granger location in the Super Target plaza.
What can you expect? Excellent coffee and espresso drinks, a warm greeting, an opportunity to experience the uniqueness of what is inside of this space (you have to see it for yourself), and the satisfaction in knowing that your daily coffee purchase is helping support your community by helping a population that has an unemployment rate of nearly 85%. Come start your day with us!
Hours - M-F 8 am – 4 pm & Saturday 8 am – 2 pm

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